My (Little) Big Year

My (Little) Big Year Kicks off. This image is an Emu head inside the outline of Australia
Emu (The National Bird Emblem of Australia)

After watching the movie The Big Year starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson, I (Peter) have decreed that 2015 will be my first attempt at a Big Year. For those of you who are unaware what a Big Year is, it is an American tradition that is rumoured to have stemmed from an annual event where hunters would go out and try and shoot as many different bird species as possible, presumably to prove how macho they were. Whether this is true or not, since the 1930s, people have been using binoculars, scopes and cameras in an informal competition to see which birder is able to see the most number of bird species in a given geographic area (normally the entire country) in a single calendar year (you can read more about the American Big Year tradition here).

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