A Quick Cairns Getaway

A Barred Cuckoo-Shrike feeding on Fruit in Cairns
Barred Cuckoo-Shrike

Just back from a quick trip up to Cairns (Nth Queensland, Australia). It truly is a magnificent place to visit – at the right time of year. I took my new 400mm/2.8 Nikon lens for a decent try out. It just fitted in the carry on baggage, when attached to the camera, so I was comfortable in the knowledge that I did not have to let it out of my site.

I had many firsts for the trip, and am keen to go back for seconds!

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My First Pelagic Trip

A Shy Albatross in flight over the ocean in the Pelagic region off of Kiama
Shy Albatross

I was well on track to achieve my primary goal of 400 species after the first two months, with 122 species already seen. My secondary goal was also on track with 7 new species already in the bag. Unfortunately, the next four months have not been as fruitful and, at the end June, I had only managed to add another 47 species to the main list and just one species to my life list. I was getting very worried. I needed a good July count, and was hoping that a boat trip out to the Pelagic region was going to get some, much needed, momentum happening.

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