Key to the Bowerbirds

Satin Bowerbirds collect blue objects. This male has a blue peg in its beakIn 2007, I wrote a book on the Bowerbirds of Australia and New Guinea for CSIRO Publishing. The book formed part of CSIROs Australian Natural History Series, and was published in 2008. Unfortunately, the series was not a great success and my book did not return me any profit on investment, although it is still available as an ebook. They say that you never stop learning, and this is so true in the natural history writing, and this book was one of my MANY lessons.

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Birding Tips for Beginners

An Emu inside a map of Australia. Australia has so many good birding placesTo get started on the addictive hobby of birding (or birdwatching), all that you need is a pair of binoculars (or a scope), a pocket bird guide, a notebook and an idea of where to go to try and see what you want. This post will give you a quick introduction on the majority of what you will need which, when coupled with “A Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia” (by the Author), should have be well-prepared.

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