The Most Dangerous Bird on Earth

The potentially dangerous Southern_CassowaryThe Guinness Book of Records lists the Southern Cassowary, the world’s third largest bird, as the most dangerous bird on Earth and, having been privileged to have been within just a few centimeters of this magnificent animal, I can certainly say that they are truly a formidable bird, and look like they could definitely dish it out if they wanted to.

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Byron Bay and Beyond

A Lewin's Honeyeater image taken in Byron Bay Wastewater Treatment PlantRapidly approaching the half way stage of the year and my goal of seeing 400 Australian bird species in the 2015 calendar year is looking very shaky! My secondary goal of adding 50 new Australian species to my life list looking even more in trouble, but I was hopeful that a trip up the north coast, with a visit to Byron Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, could dig me out of the … preverbial!

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The Hard-to-see Eastern Ground Parrot

This is not an Eastern Ground Parrot. It is an Australian Darter sitting on a branch!
Australian Darter (much easier to photograph than an Eastern Ground Parrot!!)

For those who missed reading my first post on the subject. After watching the movie The Big Year starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson, I (Peter) have decreed that 2015 will be my first attempt at a (Little) Big Year. So far this year I have seen 122 species (including 7 new sightings), with the highlight of the month being my first Eastern Ground Parrot.

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