Back on the Horse … er Bird

The Pacific Gull is a large black and white bird with a large yellow and red billHappy New Year – 2016 is upon us. For me, it was ushered in at Newcastle, at a house belonging to my wife’s cousin and her husband. New year’s day was a quiet affair, sitting in their backyard, playing cards (500) and jotting down a list of every bird I saw as I sat there. The first bird for the year was a Channel-billed Cuckoo, that was heard long before it was seen flying overhead; by the end of the day I had 15 on the list.

Last year I managed to count 277 species of Australian bird species, which was a long way short of my target of 400 species. I did manage to add 37 species to my Australian bird life list, which, although being 13 short of my 50 species target, was very pleasing indeed.

I have set myself the same goals for 2016 – and I am determined to improve on last year’s results!

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